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Hello! This is the boncy pride fandom! This fandom will mainly be dedicated towards the ships of the pride, but general information, etc. will be added. Thank you for coming!

The Boncy Pride is a pride of lions, mainly on RGS (C) on Roblox.

The pride is based on the family tree of “Bone” and “Fancy”. The tree is called The Fancy Tree. The tree was a gift to Fancy from Bone. The tree stands for love and power. Love stands for the love of Bone to Fancy, and power stands for the pride that is becoming more and more powerful. Since then, the pride lives and dies for each other. We show loyalty and respect towards those who are included. We must resemble the pride with grace and power, threatening those whom dare to go against us. Caring for each other as well as having their backs, no matter what, we will always be there.

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